CanabaitTM LLC is a wholesale company that provides retailers live worms, fishing tackle and other bait products for resale to anglers and
pet owners. 
Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, our customers have come to rely on us for quality products and unmatched service for over
40 years.  We service more than 300 convenience stores, campgrounds, sport shops and other retailers.
A Canabait representative will review our business policies with you.
Call 800-280-9676 to take advantage of our program today!

Our Bait1

Our core live bait product assortment includes night crawlers, red (trout) worms, mealworms, and wax worms.  Other live worms and artificial bait are available upon request – like butter worms, dough balls, salted minnows, and more.

Our Tackle1

The fishing tackle we offer includes items that many anglers use on a regular basis like hooks, weights, snap swivels and bobbers.  Other items are available – rod and reel combos, fishing line, artificial lures, ponchos, etc. 

Retailer Bait & Tackle Program2,3

This program is a turn-key solution for retailers – it includes a refrigerator, tackle display and signage for each business location.  Live bait is guaranteed, and we service accounts regularly throughout the year4.

Shipping Services5

We also ship product to customers within and outside of our on-site delivery territory3.  Packages include insulation and cooling elements so that live bait arrives undamaged, fresh and ready to sell.